Racket Boy – An autobiography by Philip George

Why Have We Surrendered Badminton?

As I wind up my Malaysia stop-over following the backshadowing of India from Delhi to Kerala, it becomes clear I carry the torch of Eastern values, principles and culture with dedication, more so in the realm of sports, particularly badminton, a sport close to Racket Boy’s heart.

In the heyday of Racket Boy’s international badminton career, the game was played under an old system that required the server to earn each point. This imbued the sport with character, strategy, and a chess-like finesse. However, as time marched on, European administrators, backed by their financial clout and marketing muscle, imposed a robotic, point-a-serve system that drained the life out of badminton.

The game has lost all its identity and charm, reduced to a mere tick-box robotic exercise.
This scenario serves as a stark reminder that the East’s traditions and values are at risk of being overshadowed by the West’s glitz and ideology. Ironically, it’s often the stars from the East who shine the brightest on the global stage!

Racket Boy’s journey and observations should fire up the conscience of every Eastern individual. It’s time to cherish our heritage and stride forward with confidence, making our voices heard on the global stage while staying true to our Eastern essence.

We must stand resolute in preserving our unique identity, principles, and culture; and refuse to capitulate to external pressures. Let us remember that the world’s narrative should not be solely controlled by one side.

Badminton now speaks in monotony, its vibrant spirit silenced, reduced to an uninspiring ritual. Time to bring back its Eastern charm and style.

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