Racket Boy – An autobiography by Philip George


A Philip George Autobiography

Toughened by an Indian father and a Chinese coach in rugged Malaya, lifted by a messiah-like Englishman, a sports-mad, globe-trotting solicitor navigates parochial middle England to somehow reach the shore.

Author Biography

Philip George lives in a rugged mountain village close to the Apuane mountains, in Garfagnana, Tuscany. A sportsman who at 18 left his country of birth, Malaysia, to make something of himself in England for over four decades, before happily retiring to Italy, he indeed has stories aplenty.
Long before his successful career as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, Philip tried his hand at many jobs in Lancaster and Morecambe, namely, a process worker in a linoleum factory, a psychiatric nurse in two mental hospitals, a banker, a stevedore at the Heysham Port, book-keeper in a betting shop and cashier in a gambling den.

‘Fit only for climbing coconut trees’
The indelible mockery invented by my father because I was badminton mad and useless (he said) at all else, stuck with me through school in Malaya. It travelled with me on an Aeroflot to England in 1970, aged 18 with 20 pounds in pocket functioning on adrenaline, dreaming of meeting John Lennon. It stuck through my navigation of parochial middle England – washing backsides in a mental hospital, law practice, sports, travels …

The game isn’t quite over. I’m now a spectator in the hills of Tuscany, more than just fit to be climbing coconut trees …

My Co-Writer

A third-generation Malaysian, Geetha K was born in the coastal town of Port Dickson and raised in KL’s fringes. An educator for two decades, she began as a language teacher in the private sector rising to the position of department head. She then moved her commitment to her other passion of writing, which led to her foray into the media business. To date, she writes and edits for independent media outlets, mainly on social and lifestyle issues.

She has successfully concluded a niche masterclass in memoir writing in London, conducted by a leading English daily and university. Her first novel, The Seat, by Fixi Novo, was published in 2020 in Malaysia. Her second book Racket Boy – Where’s My Country, an autobiography co-authored with Philip George, was published in the UK and is now available worldwide.
The author may be contacted at: geethakwrites@gmail.com, or Instagram @ geethakwrites and Linkedin @ Geetha K





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Racket Boy is a dedication to every underdog willing to chip away at their insecurities


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