Racket Boy – An autobiography by Philip George

All Within the Walls

Racket Boy found himself on an unexpected medical journey in Kuala Lumpur. Feeling under the weather, he decided to pay a visit to an 82-year-old doctor, opting for a spontaneous walk-in appointment – a far cry from the rigid systems he was accustomed to in the West.
What unfolded during his visit was a remarkable contrast to his experiences back home. The doctor exhibited a genuine bedside manner. He listened attentively, approached the examination with care, and provided a confident diagnosis, complete with prescriptions, all within the walls of the clinic. It was a level of patient care that transported RB to a time and place he had almost forgotten.
Recollections of his GP visits in Lancaster, England, came rushing back. The arduous process of navigating the switchboard, enduring endless hold music, and encountering receptionists who seemed ill-equipped to handle patient needs was a stark contrast. The battle to secure an appointment, often weeks in advance, felt like a never-ending struggle.
Once inside the GP’s office, RB was met with the same brusque attitude from the receptionist, who seemed more interested in his underpants size than his actual health concerns. Hours of waiting in the crowded waiting room were the norm, with the scheduled appointment time more of a suggestion than a commitment. RB often found himself face-to-face with a doctor who knew nothing about his medical history, leading to frequent misdiagnoses.
In reflecting on this stark juxtaposition of medical experiences, RB couldn’t help but appreciate the efficient, caring approach of the Kuala Lumpur doctor. It was a moment that made him question the complexities and frustrations of the Western healthcare system, leaving him to ponder the stark differences in patient care he had encountered on his journey.
No surprise, given the experiences above, RB transformed into a seasoned clinical negligence lawyer, championing those in need.

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