Racket Boy – An autobiography by Philip George

Wandering with my beloved George:

On Christmas Day 2012, on the snow-covered mountains, wild windy Stridding Edge and I ventured forth with Helewelyn and George, my faithful Labrador companions. The rugged landscape sang with echoes of ancient granite walls, igniting within me a sense of adventurous ardor akin to the verses of “Helwelwyn of My Heart.”
As I took on the challenge of Helwelwyn’s snow-capped peak, carving my own path in the pristine snow, I realized that true fulfillment lies in the pursuit of lofty dreams. My adventurous spirit soared, propelled by the beckoning call of the mountain and the promise of possibility.
Going through the complexities of life as an immigrant, I found myself constantly seeking connection and grappling with the notion of home. Yet, in the uncertainty, there was a sense of liberation in accepting the unknown, as captured in the verses of “On the Road.”
The allure of distant cities and the eternal quest for meaning in bustling streets echoed in my mind, driving me forward with relentless determination. With the exhilarating highs and daunting lows, the pursuit of aspirations remained steadfast, as depicted in “Of Beats, Bohemians and Bukowski.”
In the end, within the towering peaks and boundless skies, I found my true home—a feeling of belonging and purpose that transcends borders and boundaries. Surrounded by the steadfast companionship of my loyal Labradors, I stood on the majesty of the mountains, forever fueled by the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of dreams.
Racket Boy.
24 March 2024.

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