Racket Boy – An autobiography by Philip George

Racket Boy Book- Malaysia/ India:

As Racket Boy embarks on his journey through Malaysia and India with his book in hand, he carries with him a simple yet powerful mantra:

“Don’t share your big dreams with small-minded people.”

In every village and bustling city street, he remembers these words, knowing that not everyone will understand his vision. Yet, he remains undeterred, for he knows that his dreams are worth protecting from those who cannot see their brilliance.

“If you want that dream to be shot down, share it with small-minded people.”

He keeps his dreams close to his heart, knowing that sharing them with those who lack vision will only lead to doubt and discouragement. Instead, he seeks out individuals whose minds are open to possibility, whose spirits are unbound by the limitations of conventional thinking.

“Look for big-minded people, and they will cause your dream to become bigger.”

In the bustling markets of Kuala Lumpur and the vibrant streets of Mumbai, Racket Boy seeks out kindred spirits – those who see beyond the horizon, who dare to dream as boldly as he does. With each encounter, his dreams grow larger, fueled by the energy and enthusiasm of those who share his passion for adventure and discovery.

“And one of these big-minded people is standing in front of you.”

As he stands before crowds gathered to hear his story, Racket Boy knows that he is among friends – individuals who understand the power of dreams and the importance of chasing them relentlessly. Together, they embark on a journey of inspiration and transformation, spreading the message of possibility and perseverance to every corner of the globe.

With his book as his guide and his mantra as his companion, Racket Boy sets forth on a mission to share his vision with the world, knowing that with the support of big-minded people, anything is possible.

India Itinerary:- 21 March 2023

KL-Mumbai: Monday 6/5
Mumbai – Jalandhar: Saturday 25/5
Jalandhar halt: Saturday 25/5 – Monday 27/5
Jalandhar – Delhi: Monday 27/5
Delhi halt: Monday 27/5 – Tuesday 4/6
Delhi – Hyderabad: Wednesday 5/6
Hyderabad halt: Wednesday 5/6 – Saturday 8/6
Hyderabad – Bangalore: Sunday 9/6
Bangalore halt: Sunday 9/6 – Sunday 16/6
Bangalore – Chennai: Monday 17/6
Chennai halt: Monday 17/6 – Monday 24/6
Chennai – Coimbatore: Tuesday 25/6
Coimbatore halt: Tuesday 25/6 – Thursday 27/6
Coimbatore – Cochin: Thursday 27/6
Cochin halt: Thursday 27/6 – Monday 1/7
Cochin – Trivandrum: Monday 1/7
Trivandrum: free & easy
Depart Trivandrum: Sunday 2/7


Mumbai – Jalandhar: 1,762km (train 30 hours, flight 2 ½ hours)
Jalandhar – Delhi: 381 km (train 7 ¼ hours, 1 ¼ hours)
Delhi – Hyderabad: 1559 km (train 24 hours, flight 2 ¼ hours)
Hyderabad – Bangalore: 573 km (train 10 hours, 1 ¼ hours)
Bangalore – Chennai: 345 km ( train 6 ½ hours, flight 1 hour)
Chennai – Coimbatore: 505 km ( 7 ½ hours, flight 1 ¼ hours)
Coimbatore – Cochin: 189 km (train 4 hours)
Cochin – Trivandrum: 206 km (train 5 hours)

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