Racket Boy – An autobiography by Philip George

Racket Boy Lands a Dream Recipe

Roast chicken with chicken juice rice and orange, onion salad!

In the quaint kitchen of San Romano, RB embarked on a culinary adventure, crafting a roast chicken dinner for an intimate occasion with a local red wine in hand. The chosen recipe, though initially deemed a bit intricate, was very promising.

As he prepared the chicken, muttering thoughts about the potential fuss, RB found himself engaged in a unique process. The marinade, a blend of two mustards, orange juice, brown sugar, grated garlic and fennel seeds, was a complex mix of flavours. Admittedly, the full four hours of marinating time wasn’t strictly adhered to – sometimes spontaneity adds its own seasoning!

The recipe suggested substituting rice for potatoes, and RB, ever the adventurer, embraced the change. It was quite a sight to behold – the chicken bathed in a flavourful concoction, Basmati rice waiting to be cooked in its buttery juices, with vegetables on the side.

The stage was set for a 4 pm solo feast.

The bird embarked on a slow-roasting journey at a low heat, the rice taking a bit longer on the hob than anticipated. Meanwhile, RB crafted a vibrant salad of oranges, mint and soused onions, adding a refreshing touch to the ensemble.

Concern briefly flickered – would the resting roast chicken cool before the rice was ready? But in the mix of flavours and scents, timing found its rhythm.

The taste as we know is in the eating and RB tucked into the tender chicken, chicken juice-infused rice and zesty orange salad, relishing each bite telling a tale of San Romano’s warmth and his culinary bravado!

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