Racket Boy – An autobiography by Philip George

Argentina – Charades in the Wilderness

Racket Boy’s Argentina Adventures begins after early travel woes of delays and rearrangement of flights but what’s new in the world of his travels? From Pisa to Gatwick to Madrid to Buenos Aires it feels good to be back to perpetual blue skies and endless open roads. Buenos Aires has no shortage of quirky hotels and RB’s was a typically Bohemian Rhapsody-inspired haven, where showers tell tales and dreams dive deep.

Armed with a newly acquired Renault Kangoo camper van in Buenos Aires, RB set out at a snail’s pace along the Parana River towards the magical Iguazu Falls. Amidst the journey with his travel partner Suzie, they stumbled upon a Heath Robinson-style cabin cafe, where locals embraced them with Mendoza wine and empanadas.

In a language barrier comedy, they found themselves engaged in hilarious, impromptu charade sessions with a charismatic husband-and-wife duo. With no shared language, the wilderness became a stage for entertaining gestures, turning the remote spot into a memorable pitstop where laughter transcended linguistic boundaries. Freddie would give it a thumbs up – a quirky journey awaits!

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