Racket Boy – An autobiography by Philip George

Triumph in the Ring of Youth Empowerment

In 2010, Racket Boy (RB) rocked a Christian Lacroix suit with a cornflower blue shirt and a green tie and did something cool. As a Trustee and Legal Advisor for the LABGC (Lancashire Association for Boys and Girls Club) RB was invited to the opening of a Boxing Club and Youth Centre in Bolton. Guess what? It belonged to the then-world boxing champ, Amir Khan! 🥊

RB stood tall among the big shots, sporting greats and TV cameras to receive an award for his work helping underdog youth stay away from trouble, and not turn into criminals. Giving him the award was none other than the heavyweight dignitary David Cameron, the ex-UK Prime Minister (now Lord Cameron). RB took it all in stride, like another day in his intrepid yatra.🏆✨

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