Racket Boy – An autobiography by Philip George

Thank you, Malaysia for the charming launch of “Racket Boy”

Rare is the occasion when everything falls into place; so it was on the morning of Saturday 20/4/2024 when the microphone caused some mischief at the start of the programme at the Gerakbudaya bookstore in KL’s leafy suburb of Petaling Jaya.

AND THEN how the stars aligned!

Following a brief and witty welcome speech by Gerakbudaya’s founder, Pak Chong, the stage was ignited by the captivating presence of scientist and author Prof Kumar Das. With charm, eloquence and insight, Das provided an entertaining overview of Racket Boy.

The audience was enthralled as he delved into his favourite parts of the book, eliciting waves of applause from the packed venue. Geetha and Philip also shared their perspectives before the guest of honour, publisher Amir Muhammad, delivered a lively impromptu address, commending the authors’ efforts.

With the floor open to the audience, the event took on a dynamic and engaging atmosphere, taking a life of its own! This unexpected turn continued into the book signing and photo sessions, where family and friends took the opportunity to connect with Geetha and Phil.

The charm of the occasion was undeniable.

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