Racket Boy – An autobiography by Philip George

Resilience in the Light of Adversity

Early morning misfortune struck as seasoned traveller RB and his companion Suzie fell victim to theft while peacefully asleep in their Renault Kangoo at a YPF service station in Joaquin V Gonzalez. The thief swiped through the tiny gap in the ventilation side window, making away with Suzie’s money bag containing a tidy sum in US dollars, a branded watch and her iPad – fortunately leaving behind her passport.

Undeterred, RB took control of the situation at the local police station, filing a Denunciation (formal statement of the crime). How the locals rallied around the victims! The support and assistance from the YPF garage community, police, a prosecutor, and the community have been remarkable.

Unfortunately, there was no hope of tracking the thief through the iPad account as the “find my iPad” feature was not activated; the only thing to do was block it remotely. Detective David Damian Caceres and a Public Prosecutor granted permission for the investigation to start and two lady officers carried out fingerprint checks on the windows and the other areas concerned before scrutinizing the CCTV camera. Three highly knowledgeable, very helpful forensic experts and a local lawyer who spoke English, also descended, providing a measure of reassurance.

Their quick response certainly turned a challenging situation into an unexpected privilege, and RB was heartened to witness such unity and efficiency in the face of adversity. This experience brought out the stark difference in response and professionalism between the local heroes and the detached attitude of the English police force he was used to.

The fact that they, as ordinary travellers, found themselves in direct communication with the Special Branch of the Argentinean police force was indeed a rare privilege. It prompted reflection on perhaps a touch of serendipity that has accompanied them throughout this journey.

The progress made so far is a testament to the empathy of the local authorities and their dedicated contacts and the travellers remain hopeful that justice will prevail. While further development is awaited, a decision is made to stay put in the Joaquin V Gonzalez area for respite as well as take stock … and appreciate the silver lining amidst the inconvenience.

Despite the annoyance of losing a few items, the overwhelming support and kindness witnessed reaffirm RB’s faith in the inherent goodness of humanity

Gracias, Argentina, for restoring faith in the goodness that exists all around us!

Meanwhile, concerned well-wishers keep reaching out, expressing sympathy for their ordeal, and RB assures everyone they remain focused on moving forward.

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