Racket Boy – An autobiography by Philip George

Piece of My Heart for the Mountains 

I continue to harbour an insatiable desire for running. It’s no longer easy at my age, I certainly no longer enjoy it as much, but it’s got to be done. Garfagnana’s grand peaks are an undeniable motivation, just as they can be a great challenge when covered in biting snow. Every stride makes me almost falter when I’m nursing an injury, yet I keep going – a spirit honed by years of training and competition that refuses to wane. By pushing my physical and mental limits, I still perceive them as opportunities for personal growth; and self-discovery. Reminds me of my meeting once with the great British mountain climber Chris Bonington and his extraordinary sherpa Pertemba, and being astounded by their unwavering character and breathtaking chronology of fearsome expeditions.

I bought this picture at Brewery Arcade, Kendal, in 2012 at a charity function to raise monies for homeless Sherpa in Nepal. It made the trip with me to my village in San Romano, where it has pride of place on a strategic wall.

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