Racket Boy – An autobiography by Philip George

Goood … Morninggg

Let me introduce you to the legendary Good Morning Towel, or as we used to call it affectionately in Malaysia, the GMT! It used to be the unsung hero of our households and was Racket Boy’s trusty sidekick for years, the sweat-slaying saviour that travelled with me to many badminton and squash courts. When I’m in Malaysia I still look out for the soft delight with “Good Morning” written in red letters with a dash of Chinese characters that add a touch of mystery to the whole affair.

You see, the GMT wasn’t just a towel; it was a lifestyle statement. Needed to mop your brow after an intense round of badminton or polishing off a fiery bowl of curry noodles? GMT got your back. Spilt some coffee on the table? GMT was on the case. What about a quick impromptu fan for your face during an outdoor hawker feast in the east? GMT got your fanning covered.

Today, the GMT is far from being a fashionable accessory it might have been back in the day, but it certainly remains a cultural icon. I’m proud to say the Good Morning towel was part of my sports gear throughout my active playing days, along with Adidas, Shell or Yonex.

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